Amsterdam based photographer Hans van der Kamp was born in Haarlem, Netherlands. At age 7 he claimed that he wanted to become a photographer. The origin of his motivation was that he contributed magic powers to the photographer who — in his child’s mind — was magically scraping off thin layers of every person he photographed to reproduce them on paper.

The only way to avoid all that voodoo was to stand behind the camera instead of in front of it.

After his 7th birthay, he would switch career options very often but at age sixteen he started to experiment with an Agfa Click and a dark room. Soon he was hooked to the medium. When he left home, he started working a daytime job in a photo lab and in the evenings he visited an art academy.

Van der Kamp’s main goal is to make portraits and many of the nudes in his works, often described as provocative, are portraits in his perception. Rarely one will find a photograph made by Van der Kamp where the face of the model is veiled, hidden or simply extracted from the composition.


Not all of my photographs can be posted on the web. There are many reasons not to post a photograph here or on social networks. I may want to ‘save’ certain pictures for printed publications. Or the model I photographed may have objections to his or her photographs being posted on the web. Last but not least there is a personal reason not to post photographs here. I like to take some time to pick that one particular image to represent a person photographed by me. I need that distance in time from the actual shoot to select the definitive picture.

For the people posing for me that is a long time to wait for their photographs, so as a rule, I send them a selection of 10 to 15 pictures that I feel are representative of the photo shoot. These are interesting series because – much like the old contact sheets in analog photography – they show how a photo session evolves. I can check if my directions worked and more important if I was able to create just the right atmosphere to create the picture I had in mind at the beginning of the shoot.

That is why I created a second site, a mini social network for models and friends where all these model sets are posted. Of course, large parts of the site are password protected but if you are a friend or a model who has worked for me in the past, just drop me a note and I will set you up with an account.

Click here to visit HansVanderKamp.net