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Merging sites

Portrait of Miss Baksel, Drag Queen – © HvdK

I am a compulsive website creator, so I often end up with about seven to ten sites for different projects covering different disciplines or subjects. I am not saying that I will merge all these sites into one, but at least three will be merged into this one site which has been mainly focused on my studio photography. The following sites will be merged into this one central site:
This is a site I have not updated regularly in the last few months, but I will in the near future. It contains analogue photography made during lockdowns with my beloved Nikon F4. There will be more lockdowns ahead, so there will be more photography coming up. Once these series is on this site, I will also add vintage analogue photographs. My career spans a long time and I created a lot of analogue photographs between 1976 and 2001.

I am Dutch but certainly not in a patriotic fashion, although I really do love the heart of Amsterdam where I live. Still, my native tongue is obviously Dutch and so is my blog, where you can find my occasional thoughts on photography and life in general. So after two decades this site will become bilingual.