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Rowlandson’s Cock

Thomas Rowlandson's cock

I have seen many, if not most, of Thomas Rowlandson’s erotic works. All men depicted by him have this mushroom shaped cock. You begin to wonder if no one ever told him, “Thomas, I love your work, but these are some really extraordinary cocks you are drawing!’

Perhaps it was not proper in his day, because he kept drawing male genitalia in that same fashion.

It is quite common in works of the 18th and 19th centuries for artists to draw men and women in all sizes and shapes, but most of these artists drew the same cock on every other man they depicted. Presumably their own.

Were these artists so obsessed with their own genitalia? I don’t think so. Looking at another man’s erect penis came very close to sodomy, and they risked a sentence of years by doing so. Instead, they drew what they were familiar with…their own cocks.

It makes you wonder how many young adult males, leafing through Thomas Rowlandson’s works, would have thought of their own cock as peculiar?

Thomas Rowlandson (13 July 1756 – 21 April 1827) – Wikipedia