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Back and Forth // Sinful Delights by Hans van der Kamp

Hans van der Kamp, internationally respected photographer who is known for his unique style of capturing extreme sexuality through portraiture will exhibit his recent works at The Lightroom Gallery, Hasselt, Belgium on February 16th.

Van der Kamp is well-known internationally and his longest running exhibit continues in the first Museum For Erotic Art in Moscow located on the Novy Arbat close to the Kremlin.

His works have been called provocative, perverse, and pornographic by many Russians, yet his exhibits continue to draw record crowds.

The exhibit, “Back and Forth” illustrates the passion that the photographer captures through his lens. Trusting subjects display known and unique kinks wearing their finest array and appear to have fun doing it. This is a wild photographic journey that is not to be missed.

Van der Kamp’s exhibit “Back and Forth” will kick off a collaborative effort with curator Kymara Lonergan, recent co-owner of van der Kamp’s highly regarded Amsterdam Museum of Erotic Art and owner of The Kymara Gallery, Kennebunkport, Maine.
 The show will be moving to New York City to be part of the “XXX” group show that features seven of the world’s most highly regarded photographers. It will take place in The Leslie/Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art Old Basement Gallery, SOHO, NYC, and Kennebunkport, Maine in the Summer.
 An opening celebration for “Back and Forth” will take place on February 16th at 15:00 and will run until March 16th.

Lightroom Gallery Hasselt:

The Photography of Hans van der Kamp

To experience the vision of Hans van der Kamp through the photographer’s lens is breathtaking. Eccentric individuals displaying their raw emotion during moments of their most hard core kink, are perfectly captured to portray the essence of the subject’s personality and passion.

It is evident that van der Kamp loves what he does. The photographer’s own gritty sexuality oozes from each image, weaving the titillating story of the relationship between photographer and subject.

The viewer is left to fill in the delicious blanks by observing the passion, fierceness, lust and ecstasy carved on the subject’s faces as they display their deepest secrets to the photographer.

To capture the deepest moment of human lust is a rare talent that has been perfected by few. Hans van der Kamp has managed to do this along with maintaining the composition and professional technical quality that is inherent in only a master photographer.

This show is a “must see” and will leave the viewer wanting to return to continue reading the ongoing story of human sexuality that has been created by one the most highly regarded photographers of human eroticism.

~Kymara Lonergan

Founder of The Kymara Gallery
Ex co-owner AMEA