Geplaatst op

An experiment

All the works currently exhibited in The Hague at ZonMw have tiny cards with title and year attached to them. You have seen cards like that at almost every exhibit. The experiment was to add QR-codes to these cards. People can scan these codes with their phone. Their phone will then connect with a specific page on my website. There are 30 works connecting to 30 pages on this website. These pages have more photographs and some extra textual background information.

Quite a nerdy experiment. I can look at stats now from my home to see what is happening over there. Not in much detail of course. I can however see if people (anonymous to me) are interested enough to draw their phone and connect.

I am not sure what to think of it, yet. The results give very little insight so far, but it is fun. The ‘homo ludens’ in me is having a wonderful time.