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Vintage Photograph – 1976

I regularly post photographs on Facebook, and I am not too worried about their Terms of Service, although I must admit I do not like to see one of my photographs on a commercial medium with the credit line: © Facebook. Still, this has to do a lot more with the mentality of the editors involved than Facebook’s TOS. It is not hard to properly credit a photograph, if you know where you downloaded it. And if I don’t want people to use my photographs, I should not have posted them online in the first place.

I do post photographs online, because I don’t want them to sit in my archives without being seen. I am not that kind of collector. I want my photographs to be seen and enjoyed. I’d rather have 40.000 views a day on a high traffic site than shipping my works to a gallery on the other side of the world to be seen by a much smaller audience.

The insights delivered by Internet statistics tell me a lot more about my work than a well-written article praising me for photographs that I know are enjoyed by a very small audience consisting of people who would never have the courage to put one of my pictures on display in their own living room.

I noticed that the vintage prints are doing very well on large platforms, so I will occasionally put one up for sale in a limited edition, hoping you are willing to support my photography — like this particular photograph showing a transvestite bathing in a very Seventies bathroom.