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KamaSutrA Festival

At first, we were a bit reluctant to participate in The KamaSutrA Festival in Utrecht. We imagined the event to be all about vibrators, piercings, sex toys, pole dancing etc.

This was also the reason we hesitated just having an exhibit with photographs at the KamaSutra Festival. However, as we were once again invited to participate, the idea came up to have a full photo studio setup and to invite people from the audience to be photographed. Short photo sessions, but done with the same quality equipment we would use in our own studio.

Our biggest fear was that people would not be willing to be photographed in front of a crowd of people visiting the event, but this turned out to be a very pessimistic thought, because we photographed hundreds of people during the three days of the Festival. Actually we are still editing the photos made during the three days of the festival.

So far, the results of Day One and Day Two photo shoots have been sent out to the people photographed, but photos taken at Day Three are still being edited and we hope to send them out before we leave for a photographic journey to Moscow, Kazan and Petersburg on October 20th.

Our participation turned out to be such a success that you will also find us in the Ahoy Rotterdam with a similar setup for the ‘Kriebels‘ event. We sincerely hope to see you there too!

Special Thanks go to our Dream Team: Leonie van Carl and Bára Queenbee. And of course to our sponsors The Kinky Web and