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The 40th Anniversary of the Rockers series

I can hardly grasp it, but it is 40 years ago that I ditched the advertising agency I was doing product photography for and started working on the Rockers series. I made thousands of photographs and the project at first almost left me broke, but over the years it became my bestselling project. The photographs are still popular and at times I feel like an old rock band on a come back tour with a public shouting to do my first hit once over.

Of course I am also very proud of this series. During this series a certain style of portrait photography evolved and up to this day I am faithful to that photographic approach.

This is a good time to start thinking about a book and my friend Norm came over to Amsterdam to write some poetic prose about the subject and we made this short movie to hopefully encourage people to buy the book that will be published in 2018.

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Open House and Group Exhibit at Zuiderkerk

Filmed by Max van der Kamp.

I was working on the 21st Century Madonnas series when I heard that this year’s group exhibit of local artists of the Nieuwmarkt area was planned to be at the Zuiderkerk, an impressive church around the corner of where I live. I was to select one work for this group exhibit of seventy artists, and I had immediately ruled out the 21st Century Madonnas series I was working on. That would be blasphemy. My strict Catholic upbringing occasionally shows in my decisions.
But the idea of exhibiting one of my 21st Century Madonnas in that giant church built in 1603 became irresistible.
So, after a night of feverish dreams and falling out of bed once, I decided to select one of the 21st Century Madonnas for the group exhibit.
Much to my surprise the work was accepted. There was a church service just before the exhibit reopened Sunday on 12:00, but no real protests were heard. The show was a success and I had an unexpected large number of people visiting my modest studio and of course this website.