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Angelina Loqui

I am still working on the Third Gender series, and I will probably be working on this project for the rest of the year. Not because it is hard to find the right models, but I am no expert at socializing on networks, and I am quite strict when it comes to making appointments.

Call me old-fashioned, but I expect people to show up when I make an appointment. The queens I work with are often real diva’s. At least half of those who are offered a free shoot to participate in the book will at least cancel the shoot once. I experienced this before in photographing drag queens, so I have learned to refuse rescheduling shoots. An attitude that slows down production quite dramatically, but accepting endless rescheduling is not workable either.

But the upside of working with diva’s is that they are often very creative and fun to work with. Scheduling models for the 21st Century Madonnas series involving nudity was quite time-consuming too. There are currently enough horror stories about photographers on the web to demotivate most people to pose.

Angelina, however, is one of those people who will always keep appointments and I absolutely love working with her.