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The Old Site

The old site is no longer. I really liked the dungeon feel of it, and I was proud listed it as an inspiring implementation of the Buddypress social network plugin for WordPress.

I still love Buddypress as much as I have always loved WordPress, but I couldn’t keep up with the compatibility issues some gallery plugins had within the WP and BP framework. So in the end, I decided to go back to the basics of a site that is not pretending to be a network of its own.

Still, it was really fun while it lasted. I would have spent more of my spare time to fight the bugs in BP Gallery plugins, but I decided that a responsive site that would do well on smartphones, tablets etc. was more to my advantage.

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For good luck

On every site I built since 1994 I posted this picture below. A world war two photograph of six Japanese Kamikaze pilots, taken by an unknown photographer just before they boarded their planes for their final mission. Don’t ask me why. Superstition probably. I get very nervous if I don’t post this picture on a site that is under construction.